Extreme pom pom making at The Making House Part 2

485578_10150281994364943_42928860_nOn Friday I returned to The Making House to continue with extreme pom poming and turned these strands in to lots of pom poms flowers!


117 pom pom flowers

117 pom pom flowers

Now for part three and to install these around Burton to brighten the place up a bit. Watch this space!

If you want to learn more about making pom poms in bulk check out here


How to make pom poms in bulk

I have been working with Anna Roebuck at The Making House on a pom pom project for Voluntary Arts Week. This has required making lots of pom poms so rather then making one at a time I  have been making them in bulk using this simple technique.

All you need is some wood, 2 screws or nails, yarn, thread and scissors


Start buy screwing in your screws in to either end of the wood


Tie your yarn to one of the screws.


Begin to wind yarn around the two screws


Continue to do this for as long as you wish. The more yarn you use the fuller your pom poms will be


I used several screws so that I can do several colours at once


Use your thread to tie around the yarn. Tie this as tightly as you can. Each place you tie the thread will be the centre of a pom pom and will hold the strands in place


Continue all along the strands. Different spacing will produce different sized pom poms


Now cut  the yarn in between the tied segments.


When you have cut in between each tie fluff up the yarn and you have your pom poms! They may need a bit of a trim to make them nice and round.

You don’t have to make your own board to do this. You can use items around your house like the legs of a table. Here I used a coffee table while at The Making House

Extreme pom pom making at The Making House Part 1


On Saturday I went to The Making House to host a drop in session with Anna Roebuck as part of Voluntary Arts Week.  What initially started as a one day drop in session to make a few pom pom flowers has transformed in to extreme pom pom making!


I have been wanting to do some yarnbombing and installation style pieces for awhile now and hope to be hosting an exhibition at The Making House later in the year.  So we decided to test the water and use the shop as space to do extreme pompoming! After we started stranding up the yarn around the shop I instantly loved it just like that!  We decided to leave it up in the shop for a week so others can enjoy and on Friday 17th  we will host another drop in session to make them in to pom poms! It was so much fun and we’ve a great plan to come for the pompoms.

So come along on Friday and help convert the yarn strands in to pompoms! Or if you can’t make it to the shop and want to be involved just post us some pom poms and we will add them to the collection.

Pom Pom Flowers Craftbomb Drop In Event

pompom cover image

I am very excited that I will be helping out next Saturday at The Making House with their pom pom flowers craft bomb drop in

“To join in with Voluntary Artsweek (http://www.voluntaryartsweek.org/) we’ve decided to brighten up Burton and create some pom pom flowers. There will be a pompom flower making drop in workshop at The Making House on Saturday 11th May 10.30 – 4 pm. We hope you can come along and join us or simply make some pompom flowers to drop off. We’ll install a garden at the front of The Making House and then distribute the flowers around town. The more pompom’s the better, so please join in!!”

crochet-hookI am not a gardener so cannot wait to help create a garden of craft flowers! If you would like to get involved feel free to make your own and either send to The Making House or come along on Saturday!


Honeycomb Fair Isle

I have been looking at using another fair isle pattern to go alongside my chevron range. To keep with the geometric theme I looked at honeycomb.


I also  looked at adding flashes of color to match with my chevron range but I didn’t think this worked as well with the honeycomb pattern.  What do you think?


My design was then transferred into a punch card ready to knit fabric.



This pattern is more understated then my chevron range which has more of an impact. I thought this would be a nice addition to the range and offer an alternative. Feel free to comment below and let me know what you think.