Product Photos

I have been battling with product photos for a while now and I am never happy with them! I am always drawn to clean lines and white background but felt just putting my work on a white background made them feel a bit lifeless. I wanted to create some simple photos that inject a bit of life and fun in to my colourful pieces while not distracting from the product.

I began by trying to play around with some props but really struggled to find something that worked. I spent hours scouring the internet for inspiration but most ideas I liked worked for pendants or small necklaces, my jewellery is quite bulky. I had some branches lying around the house so decided to look at painting them as a  starting point.


I looked at painting branches one single colour as well as incorporating yarn by wrapping it around a white branch. I found this prop was just too distracting and just a bit weird. So I went back to the drawing board.


As well as being drawn to texture I love the power of colour and how just using simple colour placement can really make a product stand out. I began to look at using card to create simple flashes of colour and to add some fun! I choose to use muted colours along with brights so show you can mix and match colours to create different looks. I really liked this idea but felt the spots were a little bit distracting especially when you have lots of images laid out on one page. So I continued to develop the idea in to something abit simpler.



I really liked the clean and simple look of these photos and the use of colour to spot light the product. I wasn’t sure the use of two colours was too much so went on to look at just one flat colour.


I thought the single colour worked better and really made the product pop so I combined the the spotlight idea and mounted it on a white background.

CN - Short - Turq Grey1

I really like the cut out look and feel it gives a clean and fresh look and makes the product really standout. I also like how they look displayed together on one page. The use of colour really makes them look fun and yummy


After finalising how to photograph my necklaces it was then time to do it with the rest of my products to create a cohesive look for my website.

I am happy with the look I have decided to go for and it has really given my website a facelift. I am sure in a a few weeks I will start to pick at them again like I do with everything I do! I would love to know what you think of them, do you think the idea works? Feel free to check out my website for my full range of work.


Emma Styles Photography

I have just received the final shots from my shoot with Emma Styles Photography at the beginning of this month and I love them! Here are a few of my favourites and you can view the rest over on my website

Photographer – Emma Styles

MUA – Razwana Kausar

Model – Oona Elizabeth

Photo Shoot

I am so pleased to have received the final shots from the shoot with Samantha Gallagher Photography  a few weeks ago. I wanted this shoot to be colourful and playful so I decided to yarnbomb a bench and make paper pom poms!

I spent the whole run up to the shoot worrying if it was going to rain, it was a very wet week! But we were lucky to have a lovely sunny day. And if anything at times the sky was so clear it was too bright. But we made it work and there was a lot of frantically running after the clouds. Here is a selection of my favourite shots. You can view the rest of them here.

Photographer – Samantha Gallagher

MUA – Sarah Vaites

Models – Kimberley-Rose Gardner, Serena Gataora, Ruth Oldfield