Designing Chevron

I love to give my customers as much choice as I can to offer them a unique item to them. But sometimes I offer so many choices I make it more complicated for myself and the customer! So for my new fair isle range I decided to focus on one pattern for now, Chevron, and have a wide selection of colour combos.

11I love statement pieces but I have learnt from selling direct to the public over the years that even though statement pieces attract a lot of positive attention lots of people don’t have the confidence to wear them. So with the chevron design I wanted it be easy to wear but also a little bit quirky so I started to looking at adding strips of another colour.








Pattern Inspiration

I am always looking at colourful and patterned images to use for inspiration for punch card designs. As you are restricted to a grid and 24 repeat pattern on a punch card I am instanly drawn to geometric patterns.


Via Someprints

1788890784b03032689f84d197b0781dVia House of Fabric

01092f638fbc70c8e361d8ee53254272via Eco & Elsie

I noticed that I kept being drawn to chevron patterns so started to look at how people  use this pattern and colours in their life

a2b8d6e4965dfa90710f1971e6e44647via pinterest
via muralswallpaper


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via Lou Lou Bean Boutique


via Fashion gone rogue

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Playing with Fair Isle

I decided I would start a blog to help show my followers my design process and inspiration. I have recently released a new range which has gone away from the textural pieces I have done in the past and instead I am looking at clean lines, pattern and colours. I am still however very focused on the functionality of products. I like to design items that are stylish and functional.

My interest in pattern began when I started to experiment with fair isle and very quickly found that once set up it is an easy way to add colour and pattern to fabrics.


To design fair isle patterns I begin by working on a grid to create 24 stitch repeat patterns



These patterns are then transferred on to a 24 stitch punch card which is then  fed into the knitting machine for it to read.
After the punch card has been set up in the machine it will read the pattern as you move the hand powered carriage to create fabric like this
DSCN7283 3 2