Making Pom Poms

I have been trying to think of things to make to use as props for my upcoming  photo shoot with Samantha Gallagher Photography. I want it to be a fun playful shoot and plan to do a bit of yarn bombing for it, which I’m very excited about! I also want to have props for the models to hold and  thought what’s more fun and playful then pom poms! So I made some pom pom flowers.

pompomflowersPom poms are so easy to make  and all you need is yarn, scissors and some card or plastic to make a template out of.


Your template can be as big or small as you like it will just result in different sized poms poms. I would suggest making a few sizes and see which one works for you. My template is 9cm in diameter. After you have cut out your circle you need to cut a small hole in the centre and I cut a slit on one side to make winding the yarn round easier. Then all you have to do is wind the yarn round. The more yarn you use the firmer your pom pom will be.


Once your template is completely covered in yarn cut around the edge of the template.


once you have cut all the way around take a strand of yarn and tie around the centre to fasten all the strands in place. I tie several knots to make sure it is extra secure.

Then keep making more!


Now you can do what ever you like with your pom poms, the possibilities are endless!  For ideas check out my Pinterest

To make my flowers I knitted tubes and threaded wire through to create stems. I then used glue to fasten the pom poms to the stems. You can use what ever you like for the stems like twigs, which you could leave natural or paint a funky colour.



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