Reversible Collar Scarf

Because of my love for scarves I have spent the last few years designing and making collar scarves which button neatly around the neck. This idea came to me when I eventually became sick of having dangly fabric from long scarves in my way all the time. So I went about designing a scarf which could sit around my neck and not get in the way.
small collar scarfI came up with my Collar Scarf collection which had a very positive response from public and press. But I found for a lot of people bright colours and an unusual shape is too much  and not all have the confidence to pull it off. I was finding that I needed to create a more wearable product.  This is the biggest lesson I have learnt over the years from selling direct to the public. Most people want an item that is unique to them but not too unique from what everyone else is wearing. So my new Reversible Collar Scarf range came about.

4I am very interested in function so I wanted to create a functional piece while still looking stylish. So I began to look at multifunctional ideas and getting two scarves for the price of one.  I thought this idea would give the option to one day have a patterned design and the next day just plain colour. They fasten using magnetic snap fasteners so are easier then buttons which I used for my previous Collar Scarves.


One of the massive advantages of handmade is being able to get custom orders unique to you. I am always encouraging customers to pick their own colour combos to match their outfits. So if you would like your own custom Reversible Collar Scarf just get in touch or view the current colour available in my Etsy Shop