I don’t think I have ever made a product and thought that is finished. I can’t stop myself thinking of new ways to make it or new colour placement etc. I have had another little flurry of revisiting designs.

I wanted to have a look at create a range that it is but more muted to go along side my very bright range. I still want flashes of colour as I love pops of colour so I looked a teaming up a bright flash of colour with a light grey. I tried this with my satchel and small clutch  design.

I have also been looking at new colour ways for my handbag design. Still looking at using to two bright colours but with one being using as a accent colour.

Lastly my cushion design. I have looked at creating a bigger chevron pattern and introducing a second colour to the chevron pattern. I have also done a plain back with a flash of colour to add some variation in the design.

I would love to know what you think of these designs. Feel free to comment and let me know.




“Yarnography is a story about a group of average people driven insane by pressures and expectations of society around them. They feel a sense that things need fixing, at the same time, totally powerless to instigate change to make those things happen. Driven mad by their fixations, they lock themselves in their tiny apartments and crochet a fantasy world around them depicting their sense of a more ideal reality. In the end they may not be doing anything to fix the world but they sure do make it more colorful.”

YARNOGRPAHY features images and concepts by: Jeremy Mason Mcgraw and Crochet Creations by: Gina Crochet a Gallina

See the VIDEO here:

Photo Shoot

I am so pleased to have received the final shots from the shoot with Samantha Gallagher Photography  a few weeks ago. I wanted this shoot to be colourful and playful so I decided to yarnbomb a bench and make paper pom poms!

I spent the whole run up to the shoot worrying if it was going to rain, it was a very wet week! But we were lucky to have a lovely sunny day. And if anything at times the sky was so clear it was too bright. But we made it work and there was a lot of frantically running after the clouds. Here is a selection of my favourite shots. You can view the rest of them here.

Photographer – Samantha Gallagher

MUA – Sarah Vaites

Models – Kimberley-Rose Gardner, Serena Gataora, Ruth Oldfield