Keep Calm and Carry Yarn


Last weekend I took part in The National Centre for Craft and Design‘s Keep Calm and Carry Yarn, their anual celebration of everything woolly!

I was invited to work on their yarn bomb bike. Each year they ask a designer to help them cover the bike in yarn and get the public helping too! I got the bike started and then we took it on tour to allow the public to add to it.


On the day of the event I was set up in the entrance inviting the public to add to the bike including making their own pom poms and loom flowers.

I couldn’t just leave the yarnbombing to the bike and I had to yarn bomb the centre too! So I brightened up the stairway with loom flowers!

I also really wanted to yarn bomb outside of the building and planned to put pom pom flowers in the grass and pom pom garlands about the place but the weather decided to pour with rain! So I nipped out last minute and got some planters so that I could put my flowers at the entrance to welcome people as they come in.

I really enjoyed being part of this event. I love to make people smile with my work and all day I was hearing how my pom poms and loom flowers had made people smile and brought colour to a wet and grey day.


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