How to make Loom Flowers



On 24th May I am going to be taking part in The National Centre for Craft and Design’s event Keep Calm and Carry Yarn. For this I have been making lots of loom flowers and I have had several people ask how to make them so I thought I would show you guys.

loom flower 1

Step 1

You will need:
Darning Needle

The template is just a simple cog shape. Draw a circle and draw notches along the outside,  cut around and fold the notches up. Then cut a hole out of the centre. You will need to do this with some thick card or plastic so that it is strong enough to hold it’s shape when folded.

loom flower 2

Step 2

Wrap the yarn around the notches on the template. This can be done at random or in order.

loom flower 3

Step 3

Keep wrapping the yarn  The more you wrap around the fuller your flower will be.
Sew over the middle section with the end strand to secure loops in place

loom flower 4

Step 4

To add detail and to ensure the loops are secure use a different coloured thread and stitch back and forth.

loom flower 5

Step 5

Once the loops are secure lift the flower off the notches and you have yourself a loom flower!


To create a loom flower garland simply make lots of flowers and tie them together through the loops with strands of yarn.

To make flowers simply glue them to a stick. You can even make two flowers and glue them either side to make the flower double sided and fuller.


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