How to make pom poms in bulk

I have been working with Anna Roebuck at The Making House on a pom pom project for Voluntary Arts Week. This has required making lots of pom poms so rather then making one at a time I  have been making them in bulk using this simple technique.

All you need is some wood, 2 screws or nails, yarn, thread and scissors


Start buy screwing in your screws in to either end of the wood


Tie your yarn to one of the screws.


Begin to wind yarn around the two screws


Continue to do this for as long as you wish. The more yarn you use the fuller your pom poms will be


I used several screws so that I can do several colours at once


Use your thread to tie around the yarn. Tie this as tightly as you can. Each place you tie the thread will be the centre of a pom pom and will hold the strands in place


Continue all along the strands. Different spacing will produce different sized pom poms


Now cut  the yarn in between the tied segments.


When you have cut in between each tie fluff up the yarn and you have your pom poms! They may need a bit of a trim to make them nice and round.

You don’t have to make your own board to do this. You can use items around your house like the legs of a table. Here I used a coffee table while at The Making House


6 thoughts on “How to make pom poms in bulk

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  2. im totally doing this for my colour palettes and uni! present them through pompoms with colour weighting through different sized ones!!

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