First time curating

I have been working with The Making House to exhibit the first exhibition I have ever curated. As well as running The Making House Anna Roebuck is also the gallery officer at The Brew House Arts Centre and runs her own business Bags2Riches. With all that experience I knew I was in safe hands to put together my first exhibition and so glad to have that guidance!


Yesterday I went to The Making House to start setting up the exhibition and it was a lot harder and tiring then I thought it was going to be! I have learnt alot about selecting work that compliments each other as well as making sure you have a variety of price points. Also checking how things will hang and more importantly how pieces will hang in the gallery space.

As well as the gallery space we also dressed the window of The Making House. I have never window dressed before and really enjoyed it. As it is a colourful theme we were able to have a bit of fun with the window and make it a bit quirky.

I have already got ideas of how to dress the window when I do my own solo exhibition at The Making House later in the year.

Here is a selection of the work that will be on display, hope you can come and visit!


Ruth Singer


Fizgig Glass
clare shrouder

Clare Shrouder

Katie Stainer

lousie wrightLouise Wright


JC Middlebrook


Much Ado About StuffingDSCN8339Rhea Clements


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