Sock Fair

I have been busy the last two weekends with events. Last weekend, 23rd-24th March, I  had the pleasure of exhibiting at Loughborough Town Hall’s Sock Fair. Despite all the snow that decided to fall in March exhibitors and visitors all manage to make it to this lovely event.



Sock was beautifully organised and ran completely smoothly, even with the snow! Each artist was promoted on the build up to the event through social media, flyers and the website.


2013-03-26_085125 2013-03-26_085100 2013-03-26_085028

There was great attention to detail including Sock branded table cloths and our own name badges, which I loved and might wear  at all my shows!


I am definitely interested in applying again for next year as the organisers can’t control the weather and it was such as lovely event to be at.  Fingers crossed next year spring will arrive on time!

Wollaton Hall Easter Craft Fair


My next event was Wollaton Hall Easter Craft Fair, 31st March – 1st April,  you may recognise it from Batman!   We were very lucky that the snow held off for Easter weekend as it is back again today!



The craft fair was held in the main hall which is a lovely setting for a craft fair. I just wish it had been advertised more as there was lots of people walking around but not many knew the fair was being held and just stumbled upon it.




I also noticed that not all stall holders were handmade craft which was disappointing and I would definitely think twice before doing it again. It was lovely spending the weekend at Wollaton Hall but if I was to do it again I would make sure I was told who else will be exhibiting at the event  as well as advertising done for the event.

I was pleased though to be next to the very talented Much Ado About Stuffing and came home with my very own little guy!



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